Our Coworking Memberships

Flexible Lounge

Coworking & Lounge Area

Need a spot to drop in from time to time? The Lounge membership is perfect for you. Come sit in our lounge area or elevated tables. Lots of outlets for charging while working, shopping & managing day-to-day life.

Ramona Workspace
Ramona Workspace

Dedicated Desk

L-Shaped Desk

Enjoy working at Ramona Workspace with your dedicated L-shaped desk area & chair. This space is reserved for you. No need to worry about coming in & someone else sitting in you chair.

Private Office

Your Own Office Suite

Sold out.

Ramona Workspace has three private office suites. This space is ideal for the entrepreneur or remote worker who is looking for more than working from home.

Ramona Workspace
Ramona Workspace

Supporting Our Local Community

Contribute to Ramona Workspace

Love our concept but don’t have a need for an Office, Desk or Lounge? Become a supporting member. You’ll be invited to all our socials & celebrations.

Ramona Workspace

Questions? Want a tour? Ready to join?

If you have additional questions, would like a tour of our coworking space, want to try a daily drop-in or sign up for a monthly membership - contact us for an appointment.


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